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Morning latte courtesy of Nespresso machine. Mmm caffeine.

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LinkinSpark Challenge


LinkinSpark Challenge

Linkin Park and Team Dakota partnered together to create the world’s first interactive music video, and now we want YOU to make your own. Share your own creation with a remix of the “Guilty All the Same” song in Project Spark, (or remix the LinkSpark level…


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You guys are all safe and sound tonight because of shit that I did on Halo last night. (x)


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Project Spark Changes (Spark Time & Upload Slots)



Team Dakota is making some changes to Project Spark based on beta tester feedback. We’d like to thank everyone for working work with us to help us learn ways to continue improving and evolving Project Spark.

While these changes are our new plan, like everything else, they too may be…

Say goodbye to Spark Time!

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Vendor’s benchmarks


by @sdolotom


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Video Game Meme / Seven Games [1/7] → Fallout: New Vegas

Must resist urge to replay

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i wish i loved this less

Scruffy lookin

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Fallout Minecraft Mash-up

I don’t play minecraft often, but when I do I use a post-apocalyptic skin. Now you can see why, damn

You got Fallout in my Minecraft! You got Minecraft in my Fallout! #NewVegas

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